Nurses are amazing! I think everyone knows at least one person in the nursing profession, and they know that nursing is a tough profession. I have a sister who works in nursing education at the university, and over the years she has seen how rough it can be for nurses at different stages in their career to find the support they need to keep going and progress in their career. NurseSake is a service that helps nurses to find and communicate with other nurses who have been there or done that—nurses who are willing to pay it forward and help another nurse with no ulterior motives or fear of competition. NurseSake is small now, but I hope to one day give it the design and research attention it deserves to make it just what nurses need.

My Involvement

I am the co-founder, product manager, UX designer, engineer and marketing director of NurseSake. Did I mention that it's a small company? My research included talking with all of the nursing professionals, nursing students, nurse educators and prospective nurses who I know to learn about the challenges they faced getting to where they are and how they would feel about a product like NurseSake. Having never been involved in a startup, I've learned a lot and still have much to learn. It is an amazing journey for sure but not for the faint of heart or the strapped for cash.

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NurseSake Logo


Nurses need to engage with one another outside of training or precepting relationships. This logo symbolizes nurses from potentially very different backgrounds coming together in a caring manner to help one another.

NurseSake home page

Home Page

The home page includes a carousel that lists the top searched

  • Nurse status/licensure
  • Specialties
  • Advanced nursing degrees
  • Nursing topics offered or of interest
NurseSake home page

Profile Page

In the profile, nurses can provide information about

  • Their background and experience
  • Current needs or interests which others might be able to help with
  • Topics they would be willing to help another nurse with
  • Profile visibility and privacy settings
NurseSake home page

Search Page

This page allows members who are seeking or willing to provide guidance to search the profiles of other members.

  • Only registered members may search the directory
  • Uses ajax calls for infinite scroll paging
  • Does not display any identifying information other than the screen name and what the member puts in their introduction paragraph.
  • The search column logs search criteria for reporting purposes, automatically saves the last search and allows searches to be saved by the user.
NurseSake home page

Member Profile in Search

This page displays the profile of a member when selected from search results.

  • Profiles include whatever information has been provided by the member.
  • A profile may be saved for later or contacted now if the member has a current, premium membership.
NurseSake home page

Member Contact Form

Contacting a member may only be done through the website as no contact information is shared.

  • Messages submitted are relayed to the recipient's email address through NurseSake similar to how LinkedIn relays InMail using email masking. Neither sender or recipient email address is shared.
  • Submitted messages are checked to ensure that the sender's premium membership is in good standing.
  • Submitted messages will not be transmitted to the recipient if the sender has been blocked by that recipient.
  • First-contact messages can only be sent through the website while replies to messages are sent from the member's email client. In both cases, messages are relayed through NurseSake's masking service.