Hi there, I’m Jake

I've been reducing friction between people, software, and services since 2007. User Experience Design isn't just about the users; It's also about helping development teams, stakeholders, and managers succeed.


What I can do.

I use a lean process of requirement gathering, prototyping, user-testing, and iterating to quickly guide my teams to solutions that move the needle.

icon interaction design

Interaction Design

I optimize layouts and interactions through design experiments and research. Then I deliver my recommendations in whatever format is appropriate for our next experiment.

icon information architecture

Information Architecture

I capture, validate, and analyze the workflows, hierarchies, terms and relationships of critical elements to complex processes so that end-users can find what they're looking for and know how to use my software.

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Rapid Prototyping

I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and various frameworks to acquire the most accurate user feedback possible on my own without the expense of production-level development.

icon user centered agile

User-Centered Agile

I support my team with pertinent research, personas, requirements, and mockups for team review at least one sprint ahead of when the work is to be done. I also try to involve them in the process as much as possible.


A few of my skills

Talented designers are everywhere, but it is these core competencies which set User Experience Designers apart from web designers and graphic designers…that make a successful user experience:

Skills: Rapid prototyping Tools: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, PHP, Bootstrap, AxureRP, CodeKit
Interaction Design
Skills: Atomic design, Pattern/component libraries, Wireframing, High-fidelity mockups, Design specing Tools: Illustrator, Omnigraffle, Balsamiq, Frontify
Information Architecture
Skills: Affinity diagramming, Mental modeling, Content inventory mapping… Tools: Omnigraffle, MS Excel
Agile + User-centered Design
Skills: Scrum, Lean, Story mapping, Backlog grooming, Team dynamics, Iterative planning Tools: Jira, TFS
User Research
Skills: Personas, Interviewing, Usability testing Tools: Qualtrics, WalkMe, OptimalSort, Invision
Visual Design
Skills: Style guides, Iconography, Typography, Layout, Grids, Color… Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop

Some of my work

I can design and develop websites if needed, but nothing is more satisfying than prototyping complex web applications for an audience of end-users I really respect.

Application Manager Images

Current project

The Application Manager is an internal web application for creating and managing digital insurance enrollment forms then dispatching submitted applications to carriers.


Key objectives on this project:

  • Replace a high-maintenance system responsible for enrolling and dispatching millions of insurance applications annually to dozens of insurance carriers.
  • Save the company millions of dollars annually by reducing errors, reducing time on task, reducing employee training, improving audit processes, and expanding product offerings through compatibility with new carriers.
  • Perform all UX design duties as the sole designer on this product within a Scrum team of engineers, testers and Product Managers.
  • Iterate on designs with thin, vertical slice releases and lean, rapid deployments for fast learning through research.

Let's talk

Do you have a project you'd like to collaborate on or questions about my experience? Use this form to contact me, or just give me a call at
+1 801-618-8424.