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4 Reasons To Make Your Own Pixel Gravy

Satisfied Customers = Satisfying Profits.

Create fully customized business solutions for your clients at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time. You can make higher profits and save your clients money - keeping everyone happy.

Completely Rebrandable.

Get your brand out there and be seen! Our white-label partners can rebrand the system and all system notifications - so it's your brand and your name that remains in the spotlight.

Full Creative Control.

Bring your creative vision to life. With complete control over XHTML, HTML, CSS and all client-side programming you can customize the look and feel of almost anything simply by conrtolling specialized data tags. Everything is built to be customized.

Dreamweaver Fan?

So are we! Use our fully-integrated Dreamweaver plug-in, "Triangle", to modify and update sites, in a familiar and comfortable development environment. Download Triangle

Three Ways for Designers to Make Gravy

  1. Become a White-label Partner - This is the closest thing to getting your own Pixel Gravy. You get an unbranded partner portal to use for creating websites and marketing yourself. The portal allows you to manage your clients' hosting, control billing and stay connected with system updates. You will also make a commission on all monthly hosting. Plus, you get your own Free Partner Site which you can use to market your services!
  2. Become a Reseller - This is everything a White Label Partner gets except for the white label. In other words, you can still make sites and get commissions for all hosting, but you do not control branding of the admin interface and system communications to your clients.
  3. Become a Pixel Gravy Partner - This is the fastest and easiest way to make money! Just create trial sites for your clients at and charge them whatever fee you'd like for designing and building the site. Then, when the site is ready to go live, upgrade the free trial site to a paid hosting plan and point your domain's DNS to Pixel Gravy's name servers. Pixel Gravy bills your client monthly or annually and provides them with technical support.

Still not sure what makes Pixel Gravy so special to your clients? Watch the Video Tutorials or browse the Overview section of this site to see how powerful Pixel Gravy is!

Designer FAQs

Q: What if I don't want to become a reseller? Can I build web sites for my clients using

A: You don't have to become a reseller to offer our system to your clients. First, setup a trial site at where you will build your client's site. Provide your client with the trial site url ( for them to review your design progress. Bill your client whatever you would like for your design services and then when the site is ready to go live we will upgrade your client's web site to a paid plan using their domain name. We will then bill your client for hosting monthly or annually. It's a win win situation for all!

Q: Where are the sites hosted?

A: Our North America data center utilizes Primus Telecom (NASDAQ: PRTL) and is one of the best within the hosting industry. It offers high bandwidth internet connectivity, redundant power supplies, multi-layers of security, fire protection services and dedicated professionals 24x7 - all aimed at maintaining the integrity and performance of customers' needs.

Q: Are my clients locked in once they start using the system?

A: We don't believe in locking people in. Clients have full access to their site content and customer data which can be exported in standard formats or downloaded via ftp. At any time they can upgrade, downgrade or cancel their hosting services.

Q: How does billing my clients work?

A: As a partner, you can bill your clients yourself with value added premiums or allow the system to bill your clients automatically. If you just want to use Pixel Gravy to build sites, you only need to worry about billing your client for your initial setup. We'll collect and retain the monthly hosting fees and even provide your clients with technical support.

Q: Can I use javascript programs or widgets like jQuery, Spry and MooTools?

A: You have full control over and ability to implement client-side technologies like javascript and its various frameworks.

Q: Can I use Flash in my web sites with this system?

A: Yes you can. Any Flash movies or interfaces you can create will easily integrate into the system whether they be complete Flash sites, hybrids, or just Flash widgets on a page.

Q: Do I need to code my sites a certain way for this system? Can I use XHTML and CSS in my site designs?

A: You can use XHTML and CSS without restriction. The system respects your code regardless of how standards compliant you are. The included system templates use CSS and you can even assign a CSS class or id to most system generated markup. You have access to all system modules, system emails and notifications as well allowing you to completely customize the markup for everything in your web sites. It does help to understand the templates and layout systems so you can utilize the full power of the system.

Q: Is your code cross-browser compliant?

A: Yes. System generated code is compatible with all major browsers including IE, Safari, Firefox and others.

Q: Is the system compatible with Mac and PC?

A: Yes. The system is a web-based software so all access is through your web browser regardless of the operating system. There is also an Adobe Dreamweaver plugin that can be used on both Mac and PC versions of Dreamweaver 8, CS3 and CS4.

Q: How customizable are your modules?

A: Modules are very customizable including all html and CSS.

Q: I want to integrate with an external service or system. Is there an API? Can I extend the functionality?

A: Yes the system has APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) which you can integrate with an external server or software. This is done by writing custom code that accesses information like the orders, customer contacts, web form submissions or other data. Then you write the code that interfaces with the external server. There is also information about synchronizing external databases and turning on the Events Notification option which allows certain events to trigger actions utilized by outside systems. For more information go to OnlineBusinessWiki - API.

Q: Can I add my own custom functionality or modules to the system?

A: Yes, you can through Web Apps. Common applications of Web Apps include searchable real estate or job listings that can be contributed to by admin and customers alike. If you want to get tricky, you can even build custom photo galleries, ad rotators, and other application features using Web Apps. The markup is all yours while the server side code runs the show. For more information go to OnlineBusinessWiki - Web Apps.

Q: Can I run my own code on your servers?

A: The goal of this system is to remove the need for programming. With this said, you cannot run your own server side code on the servers, but chances are you can create the functionality you are looking for using Web Apps, the API, Web Services or other methods. This opens the door wide to creating custom applications.

Q: How do you ensure successful deliverability of email marketing campaigns?

A: The email marketing leverages whitelisting with large email providers such as AOL and authentication policies such as reverse DNS and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) to ensure high deliverability. Of course, when sending email campaigns, we must always be sure to write good content that will get through client filters.

Q: What payment options do you support?

A: The system supports many payment gateways in most countries around the world including most Paypal options, and Google Checkout.

Q: I see your trial sites are setup as Can I change this?

A: Yes you can. The subdomain used with is only used during the trial period and can be replaced with a domain owned by your client when the site is upgraded to a payment plan. If you choose to be a rebranding partner, trial sites created will use subdomains of your own site url (

Q: What support options are there for training myself and my staff?

A: There is a comprehensive range of support options. Everyone has access to all the support documentation at You can even register to contribute to the wiki as well. This support option is also unbranded so that your clients can search its content as well. As a partner there are also training resources available through your partner portal which allow you to become certified so that your skills and abilities can be shared with the partner community. You can also access forums and attend weekly live Q&A webinars.

Q: Can I customize the admin for my client to lock out certain functionality?

A: Within admin you can manage roles allowing only certain access to users within the system. You can also modify the features available to your clients in the admin console.

Q: Can I import existing web sites, customer lists or products?

A: Yes you can. You can import entire web sites including pages, file assets, Flash and other client-side files to be used for creating a new site. In terms of data, you can import a range of data into the site in the form of .csv or .txt files. This is useful for importing contacts, products, or even custom Web App items.

Q: Are your web sites search engine friendly (Search Engine Optimization)?

A: Yes. All URLs are search engine friendly and site maps can be automatically generated for all Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live. You will still need to submit your URL with each search engine but the site map files can be automatically generated for you. We can also setup 301 redirects as well as importing pages in bulk to 301 redirects. You can also set page properties and meta data as desired.

Q: Can I create secure areas of a web site that are password protected? Can I charge money for access to those areas?

A: Yes you can. There is no limit to the number of Secure Zones that can be set up in a site. Users can even use a credit card to pay for periodic subscriptions allowing access to those secure pages. In addition to secure pages, you can also make secure modules (blogs, forums, announcements, Web Apps, product catalogs, etc.).

Contact us for information about becoming a partner


Contact us for information about becoming a reseller

What you get as a reseller:

  • Your own hosted Online Business to direct your clients to – completely free
  • Commission, commission, commission – as a Partner, you’ll receive a portion of your client’s monthly subscription fee
  • Access to the Partner Portal – track your commissions, build and manage your client sites, control everything!
  • Pay, your way – we can either bill you for the site, or bill the client directly
  • Partner training and resource materials – become a Pro with our certification program and 24/7 access to a wealth of resources

Why you’ll love it:

  • Integrate XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash and much more
  • Full certification through our Partner Training Program
  • Completely web standards compliant
  • Receive updates and additional features automatically – no installation required
  • Free access to unbranded Marketing material
  • Focus on your design – not the code behind it

Contact us for more information on becoming a reseller or partner.