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Services and Pricing

Photo Session

Your session will last for approximately 45 minutes and will consist of two parts—photo sitting and proofing. We will be able to view your portraits immediately after the sitting to make sure you are satisfied and choose the images for your Details & Collages.  Your digital images, completed Details and Collages will be ready approximately 3 days after your sitting.


Your sitting can take place at the indoor or outdoor location of your choice. My at-home studio service offers quality studio portraits with out the stress of leaving your house. I will travel to your home or favorite location within the Salt Lake Valley and will even travel to neighboring counties and nearby canyons for a small fee. My home studio located in Taylorsville provides another option if you feel you don't have the space for me to come to you.

Sitting Fees

One Person $10
Two-Six People $15
Seven-Twelve People $25
Thirteen-Fifteen People $30
Each Person Over Fifteen Add $3 Per Person

Payment for sitting fees is required on the day of the sitting. Sitting fees will apply to any session lasting more than 20 minutes regardless if photos are purchased or not.

Image Purchase Prices (High-resolution digital image files)

First Image $20
Additional Images $10 each

Immediately following your sitting, you will be able to view all the photos taken and place your order for the files to be delivered on disk. Photos and enhancements will be ordered and paid for at that time.

In the case that you lose your images or otherwise need to acquire another copy of photos you've already purchased, we may, at our discretion, make those files available for re-purchase (download) via our website at a nominal fee.

Image Enhancements

Black & White or Sepia $5 per image
Vignette $5 per image
Personal Touch-Ups $5-$10 per image
Custom Collage Pricing will vary

We can alter, touch-up or enhance your photos almost any way you need. If you have a special application for your photos and need them formatted or displayed in a certain way, just let us know beforehand. For example, if you are having photos taken primarily for a business card or other marketing piece, it will help to see the layout in which the photo will be placed so we can decide which way to have you face, how much of your body to display or other important details that will add to the quality of your finished product.

Consideration will be taken for all your requests to determine wheter it is an enhancement with a small fee or just part of the customer service included with your sitting.

Newborn Detail Collage (Prices include sitting fee for mom, dad & baby.)

Three Photos (1 x 3) Please inquire -
Four Photos (2 x 2 layout) Please inquire -
Six Photos (3 x 2 layout) Please inquire -
Nine Photos (3 x 3 layout) Please inquire -


Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to Barrow Photography. If you are dissatisfied with your photos, a free retake sitting may be scheduled under the following conditions:

  • The retake sitting must be completed within 30 days of the original sitting.
  • New images will replace images from the original sitting only if images were not already delivered.
  • If images have been delivered in any format, the sitting will be considered a new session with all applicable fees.


With the purchase of digital photo files, you will receive a written Copyright release for those specific images granting you the rights to reproduce or otherwise use the files in any way that meets your needs. You will need to present a copy of this release to anyone printing or using your photos in any way.