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    Below are some of the productivity tools and services which I use most. I recommend them to my clients who are looking for ways to reduce time doing tedious tasks and to increase productivity. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Remember, I have just touched the surface of describing these products and service, so please click below to visit the vendors' websites and learn more about what makes their services great. Some of these are products or services with which I am affiliated while others aren't, but I recommend each and every one.

    Dropbox Online File Backup, Syncing and Sharing

    Jake Barrow - Friday, October 02, 2009

    Sync your files across computers with Dropbox

    Working with large files across multiple computers has never been easier thanks to Dropbox. I use Dropbox daily and recommend the same to anyone who uses multiple computers or just wants secure, remote backup or file sharing capabilities.

    Try Dropbox Free!
    Dropbox is an ideal solution for anyone who has ever:

    • Emailed a file to themselves
    • Used USB drives to shuttle files around and share them
    • Tried to share large files but couldn’t because of email attachment limits
    • Needed automatic backup of documents with zero setup and maintenance
    • Wanted to share files with minimal effort
    • Needed to access their files remotely on other computers or from an iPhone

    Dropbox offers file sync, sharing and secure backup in one software program that integrates seamlessly with the user’s operating system and is also accessible from anywhere via the Dropbox website. With a user base that is growing by 200,000 people each month, Dropbox is the leading software of its kind on the market. Dropbox solves problems that are common to almost all computer users, and it even works across operating systems - currently Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    Dropbox file updated
    File updated
    Dropbox file syncing
    Modified file syncing

    How It Works

    Dropbox can be used in two ways:

    1. Install the Dropbox software - This runs quietly in the background and integrates seamlessly with your operating system allowing you to backup, sync and share files just by saving them to your Dropbox folder. This also adds a menu item to right-click contextual menus for all files and folders in your Dropbox folder. Once a file is saved, not only will it upload to the Dropbox servers but it will also automatically download to all computers with Dropbox software installed which are authenticated to your account.
    2. Visit the Dropbox website - Login at for access to
      • all your saved files
      • file sharing preferences
      • recent activity
      • file revision history  

    Each file or folder inside your Dropbox has a small green or blue status icon next to it indicating whether that file is synchronized with the server. When a file is saved to your Dropbox, the small blue icon appears and starts rotating to indicate that Dropbox is working to upload the new file to remote servers. After it is synced, it will change to a green circle with a check box.

    If you ever need to check that a file is up to date, just right-click on the file and access the online revision history through the Dropbox contextual menu. This expands to give you access to features for sharing, viewing past revisions or deleted files, and even a quick link for securely viewing the content online at

    For those times when you need to access a file from a computer without Dropbox software installed, just visit and login to view all your files, upload or download files and even revert back to a previous version of a file using the revision history.

    Dropbox web menu
    The online interface offers many convenient tools to manage and share the files in your Dropbox.
    Dropbox revision history
    Reverting back to an old version of a file is quick and easy.
    Dropbox recent events log
    Not sure if something is up to date? Just check the recent events or revision history. This is especially useful with shared folders.
    Dropbox folder sharing options
    File sharing is possible with any number of people just by inviting them to share a specific Dropbox folder.

    File sync, sharing and backup made easy

    Dropbox is truly an amazing and innovative way to backup and store data while making it easily accessible from any internet connected computer.

    Try Dropbox FREE for 30 days and let me know how it has helped you.